December 30, 2016

The Pain, Precioussss; It Hurts Usssss

Thinking outside of the box.

Stepping outside of your comfort zone.

Don’t go with the flow.

All these clichés are tired. And yet they still ring true.

I just finished (finally!) the first two paintings from and the Jacksonville Supernatural convention.

They were the most challenging paintings for me to date.

At one point, I convinced myself I’d forgotten how to paint and then gave myself moments of panic. I have no idea who I am if I’m not a painter!

Cue the existential crisis.

The thing is, though, that these paintings were definitely far, far outside of my comfort zone. I ended up having to deal with perfection, as I wrote about earlier, and the idea of who was going to see these pieces.

And I also had to deal with painting Baby, the car.

Now, I’m a technical person in the sense of programming. Pulling ideas together and making multimedia out of them. But when it comes to art, I’m very floofy.

That’s a technical term: floofy.

I don’t paint armour. I don’t paint cars. I don’t paint things with straight lines. Realism just isn’t my bag.

I was constantly battling between my need to paint Baby realistically and not having the ability to do so.

Even as I was finishing up last night, I was thinking about fan reaction. Expectations. Maybe letting people down because of my painting style.

But IMAlive picked me because they like my style.

My online followers and fans have been nothing but amazing in their responses.

I paused, when I finished the paintings, and released myself from the outcome. I’ve done my part. I can’t control how other people react or don’t react.

Pushing through, getting these pieces done when everything inside me screamed to stop (!!!!) forced me to grow both as an artist and a person.

So the discomfort I was feeling and the fear were good things. I expect the next two paintings for Jacksonville to go a lot smoother now that I’ve worked through these issues.

I’m truly excited to continue painting.

And Houston? The con after Jacksonville? It’s getting something special… More Baby, but in a whole new way. I can’t wait to get going on those pieces.

Want something with armor? Something with a car or spaceship? Now I can totally say with confidence yes. I’ve got this. I can do it and do it well.

Commissions are open but 2017 is starting to fill up fast. If you want something painted now is a great time to book. Hit reply and let’s talk. There’s no obligation.