The Power of Stamina

I’m currently painting for a show I’m participating in next month
It’s called SHE and will be held at X Gallery in St. Thomas.

I love painting for something. A person. An event. A whatever.

Having a goal and an audience makes my focus and drive that much more powerful.

But the one thing I’m quickly learning is I need to work on my stamina.

Yes, that’s a thing with painting.

One of my favourite artists, Julie Dumbarton, paints for hours and hours day in and day out. Her work is incredible, colourful and beautiful.

I’m good for maybe 4-6 hours on the outside.

Painting takes a lot of energy. I paint standing up so I’m walking around a lot while I’m painting. Back and forth to get different views of the work as I go.

I’m also putting a lot of concentration and energy into each piece. They would be shit without that level of input.

When I’m painting, I’m powered by tea and Rockets. If you’re in the US, those would be called Smarties. Just a quick hit of dextrose to keep the energy up. At the end of each session I am absolutely wiped.

This is the year that I attempt my first Tough Mudder. My event is in September.

Now I’ve been training at the gym for the past 3 years, but as a weight lifter. I can lift stupidly heavy weights right now but my cardio has suffered tremendously.

Guess what I need to work on here?


Seems to be my theme for 2017.

It’s not a bad thing at all really. And improving my fitness will definitely help my painting stamina. Plus, working towards a solid date for Tough Mudder will keep me focused and make me powerful.

So I’m tackling this year one painting and one step at a time.

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In the meantime, I’m getting me a new pair of running shoes. I’ve got a date with mud.