February 15, 2017

The tip of the iceberg isn’t the whole head of lettuce

I’m sitting here with a brief break.

Once I send off the current set of IMALIVE paintings to the US, I have about a month off.

There are so many things I want to paint. Am DYING to paint.

The moment in The Force Awakens when Rey just glows. She can fucking fly and fix the Millenium Falcon!

The moment from Supernatural’s last episode where Sam was teary but relieved. No spoilers for those who haven’t seen it yet.

Any moment from Rogue One, because, come on! It was a fucking fantastic movie. One of the few films I’ve seen twice in theatres. And it changed the way I view A New Hope.

I’ve had some nudges from some people to get off my ass and paint Captain Picard or anyone from TNG. I painted TNG during my teen years. I learned to paint and draw portraits from that show. Maybe it’s time to return to square one.

And right now? Up next? I’m paying a visit to a Doctor Who Van Gogh mash up. Something I’ve painted before…a few years ago. I’ve got a commission to do and I’m grateful to have an excuse to revisit this painting now.

I paint so very much differently now, which is probably no surprise. Practise will do that to a person’s skills.

A lot of people have come across my work recently. People who maybe haven’t seen where I’ve come from.

And while my ego says that’s probably a good thing, I know that maybe it’s not.

For the people who have only seen me create painting after painting, often effortlessly, let me assure you that I murdered many canvases before I got to this point.

When I was in school for art, my teachers told me to find another career. I had no promise as an artist. I’d never make it.

Fucking awesome teachers, right?

But the thing is, they were right in a way. I didn’t get to where I am right now without putting in some serious time.

I paint somewhere around 150 – 200 paintings a year. And when I started doing that, my skills grew with every piece.

Not every painting turned out. A lot are…well, never seeing the light of day. But those became fewer and fewer the more I painted.

I guess my point is this: if you’re aspiring to do something. Paint. Write. Bake. Whatever. Don’t look at the flash of someone’s success, because that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Don’t sit there and get discouraged because they have magical talent floating around them. Angels at their backs.

Talent is maybe a head start for some people, but no matter what kind of talent someone has, it goes nowhere without practice.

So write badly. Murder canvases. Make flat soufflés.

Do the things. Do them badly. Do them anyway.

Because one day, not so very far from today, the things you do badly but do anyway, will become the things you do well. And then amazingly well. And mind-blowingly, angels-flying-out-your-butt well.

And that is so very satisfying indeed.
If you teach or mentor people…remember this:

You hold a lot of power in your hands. Be gentle. Be soft. Be the person you would want to have teaching you.

And if you’re working on a thing, badly or otherwise, hit reply and share! Creativity is awesome in any form and I might be a bit of a creativity junkie.