February 10, 2016

The Unexpected Art Superbowl

At this point, if you’ve read any posts, you know how much I LOVE painting. LOVE IT! It ranks pretty fucking high in the list of things I can’t live without. And while I post a lot, and am active on Facebook etc. while painting, I don’t show the bigger picture of what’s really going on around me.

sm_20160207_154848Like what was really going on when I was painting “I Belong With My Brother” on the weekend. Superbowl Sunday.

Because we don’t sports in my household, the Superbowl holds no meaning for us. None. But man, it was all over my FB feed and the enthusiasm was catching. I declared an art superbowl and all bets were off.

First, let’s meet the teams: Team 1 was Emma.

Emma is my spawn and she can really fucking paint. Seriously. The painting she worked on was her FIFTH PAINTING EVER. So I might have a tiny bit of maternal pride and with good reason. She shares studio space with me because she has earned it. 



sm_20160207_154912Team 2 was me. The awesome. And humble because let’s keep it real here, folks.

Also the team most known for insulting and mocking but we won’t go there. Nuh uh.

The rules were no rules at all. Open season. Facebook friends were subjected to a stream of comments and mockery as we worked through the afternoon.


I was working on the commission for Sarah. Emma was working on a painting for herself. Silliness ensued.



You can see here that I tried my best to distract Emma with jokes and comments. She was strangely immune.


Recognize the style? Because I was crazy enough to teach my spawn my painting style and the little shit went and ran with it. WTF? I’m older, dammit! She should be struggling (at least a little) or pretending to be for my sake.

The art Superbowl continued in spite of bad calls by the ref and a shortage of beer. There was one Guinness and it was mine!


This is me plotting my next attack. Emma just kept painting. She did fling some dad jokes at me. They were horrible.


That might be the “Mom, you’re insane” look. *cough cough*


So not insane. I hadn’t even eaten any paste that day. But I love painting. I love painting with company. And I might just love torturing that company with terrible puns and comments.

sm_20160207_172011 sm_20160207_172001

I was being ignored here. REALLY.

We were in a paint-off. Emma made an unexpected play with neon orange.  I had a dwarf with shit tons of hair. It was anyone’s game to win at this point. 


I finished but the painting Superbowl continued for a bit. Results weren’t in until someone bribed the Russian judge. Or Emma finished her painting, whichever came first.

sm_20160207_213241-1And…done! The Russian judge was nowhere to be seen, so no winner was declared. But it was still better sportsing than other sportsings.

Emma’s painting:

“Jared Padaleki”


Acrylic on canvas






My painting:

I Belong With My Brother


Acrylic on canvas


And that, my friends, is pretty much what goes on when I paint at night. Fun. Laughter. Company. Silliness. The energy is addictive. Seeing my spawn succeed at something right out of the gate is rewarding. I expect to be selling art side by side with her at cons in the future if she chooses to go that route.

So what’s next? I’ve got Toronto ComicCon to prep for. I’ve got a couple of painting commissions to get done. And between all that? I’m PAINTING!