November 6, 2017

The way to inner peace is through your outer life

Last week was a major clear out for me. From making a major dent in the sutff and chaos left over from my aborted household move, to losing friends.


And it hasn’t been easy but it has been worth it.

I’m actively working to create the life I want. One that reflects my personal mandates including supporting causes that are close to me. And one that allows me to be who I am.

Stuff has less of a place in my life. I’ve been cleaning with the idea that if I wouldn’t take it with me when I move to Europe in a few years, then I don’t need it now.

That kind of perspective makes things easier to let go and not miss them. Clean house, clear head.

But the friends one is harder. There are other people involved. Feelings get in the way.

As a woman, I’ve been constantly taught to not make waves. Endure the uncomfortable rather than speak up and walk away. Be kind. Gentle.

But you know what? That doesn’t serve me any more. When a friendship becomes work, becomes draining, becomes an irritant, it’s time to let it go. It doesn’t serve anyone.

You should want to be with the people in your life.

You should gain energy from coming together.

You should bring out the best in each other.

All of that should be a two way street.

Kind words. Small changes.  An ebook to brighten your today and tomorrow. From me to you.

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