May 11, 2016

The Whistle Makes Me Their God – A Teeny Tiny Painting

sm_20160509_200142-1Trying something new is the only way to keep work fresh and keep the artist interested. Case in point, I spent a year painting landscapes. I loved landscape painting. And then suddenly it became more trees. Always with the rocks. Have some water. Voila. Robot artist.

See any landscapes here?


But I’ve always loved painting portraits. Drawing portraits. Capturing likenesses. I just don’t ever want it to become eyes, mouth, head, done.

So how do I keep things interesting?

I change up my style. Often. And allow it to flow.

I paint only things that move me. Completely. That can be sometimes so hard to paint, because they break or fill my heart.

I change up my canvas sizes.

sm_20160509_201907I have never, ever painted tiny. Weird, eh? And yet I collect tiny canvases like some people collect penguin figurines.  🙂

As with anything new, painting the first one was hard. You can read more about it here.

But once I did one, I knew I could do more and so this next one came together faster and easier.

Don’t let the small size fool you, there’s as much work in these tiny things as there is in the larger canvases. Maybe more. Painting them is intense and really focused.  Tiny brushes. Smaller dabs of paint. A hand tremor can wreak havoc.

And yet, I love them. I have plans to paint more once I get back from Ottawa ComicCon.




The Whistle Makes Me Their God

2″ x 2″

Acrylic on stretched canvas.