There is room for gratitude everywhere

I’ve spent today painting. Painting commissions for people who love their friends and families enough to buy them art.

I am grateful my love of painting has returned.

I am grateful I’ve been entrusted to paint the love from one person to another.

I am also so grateful that my art is funding Xmas for my kids. I never thought I would get to this place where my art pays for things beyond a family meal or outing. How awesome is that?

I am grateful I knocked over the bottle of wine this afternoon. Splash all over the floor. It was terrible wine. Now I don’t have to drink it.

I am grateful for Spotify. I get to listen to all kinds of music and right now it’s Star Wars A New Hope that’s playing.

I am grateful for my sketchbook. Now full of paint and lines and stuff. Somehow, in the few days I’ve been playing, it has affected my painting style so much.

I am grateful for my friend Katrina who spends a few hours a week playing with me.

Seriously playing.

It’s reversii and we’re online with Skype and the game. Surprisingly, maybe, playing is hard for me. It’s not something I ever really did even as a child. Katrina brings out a side of me I rarely/never see and I love this so much.

I’m grateful my ipad battery died. Two paintings and a sketchbook page in a row is enough, right? I see this as a reminder to take a break. Rest.

I am grateful to my youngest kid, Evie, who still sees the magic in Xmas. This season is one full of obligation and stress for me. She’s made me find ways to light up her life every day because magic in a child’s eyes is an addictive thing.

Our elf on the shelf has been up to a lot of no good recently and it’s FUN.

I’m grateful to my older kids who’ve stepped in and taken a lot of the pressure off of me. Wrapping gifts, shopping, just helping out. This is good stuff right here.

And I’m grateful for all of my friends, even the ones I haven’t met yet. I am so loved and there are times, like right now, where I need that.

I see you all. And I love you right back.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed in this last week before the big day, pause and list the things that you’re grateful for. It may feel a bit woo woo but damn, that shit works.

Try it.

And if you’re stuck, or alone, or need a friend, hit reply and email me. I will send you very bad puns, fair warning, and a virtual hug.

I am grateful for your presence in my life.