November 8, 2017

This is your certain life experience moment.

I wrote a variation of this to a friend who didn’t want the same wake up call I got. You know, for me it was the Certain Death Experience. That’s a hell of a way to be snapped out of complacency and I’m not sure I recommend it!

But from the email she sent me, it’s clear she was already awake and maybe didn’t realize it yet.

But before you read my words on that, I should cover what it means to be awake. It means to not just go through the motions of your life, living according to expectations.

It means that you’re aware that you have a purpose that is greater than driving a desk in a cubicle, spending time afterwards with people you probably don’t like very much.

For me, it meant that I could no longer ignore the creative side of me. The artist and writer who lay dormant for decades while I worked to meet society’s expectations for me.

House. Marriage. Kids. Cars. Pets. Jobs.

Pretending to be an adult while dying a little more inside every day.

Waking up has changed my life into something unrecognizable. I’m tattooed, eschewing the standard middle aged mom look for a shaved head, bright orange hair and nerd shirts. I dropped the job that was sucking my soul out in exchange for uncertainty and grabbing my life hard and owning my place.

I am happy.

Oh, not always happy. I’m also human. But overall, I love my life so much more this way now.

And there’s nothing wrong with sleeping through your life. I am certainly not one to judge. But if you’re here and reading this, maybe… maybe you want something more. You have gifts to share. Dreams to realize.

A life to really live.

This. This is your wake up call. Not a disease. Not a certain death experience. No. This is your certain life experience moment.

Wake up.

Oh, you’re already awake. See? You were fighting it but it wasn’t that hard. Now get your stuff together so you can get on with your life.

Have you had breakfast? I think for you it’s mediation or deep breathing. Feed your soul before you go on with your day.

Skip the news. Skip the negativity. You want to start with a meal of light and peace and joy. And if you need to be on top of the news, do so a little later. Give yourself a sacred space to start out before you weigh down your soul.

Did you pack your lunch? Everyone needs a moment to recharge in the middle of the day. Make sure you include a serving of gentleness. Take as much as you need to feel better.

And check in your bag when you reach for your lunch because I put a little note in there. You’re awesome. I’m glad we’re connected. Have a virtual hug.

Get your clothes together. They’ll help you face the day. I think we should make sure our suits, the roles we play, are laundered regularly. Martin, my friend and coach, has excellent info about that on his site here

About That Suit You’re Wearing

Make sure you have something fun to do at recess! You want to include play in your day. Have you added a snack of silliness? A side of ridiculousness? Candy for the soul.

Don’t forget to put down the could haves, should haves, and would haves at the end of the day. Add some self forgiveness to your evening meal.

And remember that we all look forward to seeing you, as you are and where you are, every day. No judgement.

Now go and have the best day possible. You’ve earned it.