Tiny steps still go the distance

I’m a change junkie. I grew up moving from house to house, province to province and even school to school. Staying in one place is really hard for me.

Last year, I took a huge leap and traveled from comiccon to comiccon. Meeting people. Selling art. It was awesome.

Big changes in my life as I went from hidden introvert to outgoing extrovert, If something scared me I’d make sure I was first in line to do it.

I’m pretty fucking proud of the moves I made last year.

But lately, it feels like I’m slipping backwards. No apparent big moves. No huge leaps forward. Hell, there’s hardly any painting going on.

But the moves are there. My coach just pointed them out to me.

New house. Shutting down my studio. Working on my relationships. Learning to just be.

These moves would have seemed big before last year for sure.

Size is relative.

So today, I’m looking at all the moves I’ve made. Small steps. Little changes. Even just stopping the losses (ask me how little chocolate I ate this weekend! A health win.)

We’re all moving in our directions. Little steps. Big steps. The movement is there. And it’s a good thing because it means we’re alive. Really living.

Our daily decisions and choices do add up.

Today, I choose to paint.

Kind words. Small changes.  An ebook to brighten your today and tomorrow. From me to you.

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