March 29, 2016

Toronto ComicCon – The Event

Toronto ComicCon was AWESOME! I came back from it pumped and ready to go. Had a couple of commissions and another show right on its heels. Busy times.

Oh and con crud. There was that too.

Here are a few photos from the weekend, just a few. For everyone who stopped by to pose, chat and buy art: thank you! I go to cons for the people. Everyone was fantastic.


Andrea, my booth babe, and me on the last day of the show. I’m wearing glasses.

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Hands down, this Deadpool was incredible. He stayed in character the whole time. He hung around my area for the last half hour of the weekend. He made us all laugh so damn hard. Whoever you are in real life, thank you. You made our weekend.

And here’s a random assortment of incredible awesomeness. I started going to cons in the late 80s. Toronto Treks. Small events with fun but homemade cosplays. What I saw at Toronto ComicCon in terms of cosplay was stunning. STUNNING. The skills and vision that everyone brought to my table were beyond words.

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