December 9, 2015

Toronto Fan Days

12316575_712361592232608_8606002425150020405_nWhew! What a weekend! ComicCon’s Fan Days Holiday Show has passed and I have to say, it was an awesome event. So many fantastic artists and vendors in one huge room. 

I didn’t actually take many photos of the event.

Or any but the one.

Because the day started and I was busy talking to so many incredible people. I saw cosplays that made me double take, they were so good. Judge Dredd. A Joker so real he could have been in a movie. Wonder Woman from the 70s. Sailor Moons galore. Star Wars to die for. Even a stormtrooper! I’m truly awed and impressed with the creativity and the love everyone has for their fandoms.

Fandoms and being a nerd have changed so much in recent years. The ability to speak out and love our shows and movies overtly without fear of reprisal is something that still takes my breath away.

When I paint, I am telling the story of how I feel about a character or a moment. It’s a permanent note that this person, that story, moved me enough to spend more time with it. To interpret it through my brush. When I share that with my people, it becomes something more. My journey with the story ends when the painting is done, but I’ve found at conventions that it continues when someone stops to talk about their love or feelings or responds in some way to my work. My work becomes a conversation and I truly, truly love sharing that with anyone who stops.

So this wraps up my 2015 show year. A few shows. A lot of lessons. A ton of time and money invested. Friends made. But you know what? It just means that 2016 will be incredible. More friends and more conversations and I just can’t wait.

Want to see where I’m going? Check out my events page. Updates are coming as shows firm up, but I’ll be back in January in Kitchener, Ontario and in Toronto in March.