September 15, 2015

Twelve – Day 14 Challenge Painting

I’ve painted plenty of Doctor Who over the years, but never anything recently. Not since my style changed. So it’s long past time.

There’s always a transition when the Doctors regenerate. It’s almost a tradition to dislike the new one and mourn the old one. The previous incarnation was always better. Safer. Known. But I personally love change. The feeling of leaving behind the familiar and turning everything upside down. It’s energizing.

So I never hated Twelve. Peter Capaldi was and is fantastic. But the writing for series 8 was atrocious for the first 7 or so episodes. Cringe-worthy. And it took me time to fall in love in the way that demands I paint and paint.

sm_20150909_211636 sm_20150909_220038-1

One of the things I am learning through this process of painting far more than I normally do, is that unique faces are incredible to paint. Wrinkles, expressions, crazy hair; all of that and more makes for a really interesting portrait. Youth is for the young, age and time make for unique faces.

sm_20150914_190902-1 sm_20150914_193054-1-1

I’m also playing with colour in new ways. I’m using a ton more reds and magentas than ever before. I went to Curry’s Art Supply store just to pick up two tubes of paint. And it was so worth it.

sm_20150914_194422-1  sm_20150914_203027-1

There’s a point where it looks like I could have stopped. The painting that is pinker above looks more done. This is the downside of working with a phone camera. The final painting in all its yellowy glow is actually perfectly pink. All my paintings look so much better in person.



20″ X 16″

Acrylic on canvas 

Want prints? You can find them HERE. If you’d like to purchase the original, contact me directly. I love it when my art finds a good home.

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