November 4, 2015

Untitled Sherlock

Here’s a fandom I love to paint but haven’t for a while. Sherlock. And not just any Sherlock, but the BBC’s rendition of it. Because I am a sucker for a Brit with a classical Shakespearean background.

This painting was a challenge for me. I painted it back-to-back with my Doctor Who piece. I had paint, time and energy to spare and a real need to get this one done. I pre-plan all my paintings and the queue is rather backed up, so my goal is to get out as many as I can before I head out to Toronto in December.


I am so in love with my 12″x24″ canvases. They can be a bitch to frame but they are true love to paint on. The very shape forces compositional decisions I never have to make on my trusty 16″x20″s. But challenge is the joy in this journey.


I chose to start this one differently. Changing things up means I don’t get stuck in a rut. Sure, I can paint the same all the time, but where’s the fun in that? Then I become a painting robot, and while I’ve always wanted to be a bionic woman, that’s not exactly the goal of painting.


Sherlock is so intense that as soon as I added in the dark brown to the canvas, his personality came out. Try painting eye to eye with him! It can be unnerving and intense.


Then there was a lot of pink and orange and back and forth. This painting was fiddly. I had wanted to see what I could do in an hour, but I ended up just shy of two hours. I couldn’t leave him unfinished and I wasn’t going to sacrifice quality for speed.


I think it totally worked out. Lots of layers. Lots of details. And yet huge swaths of white and flat colours. This style is quite the contrast.

sm_20151102_224356-1 “Untitled Sherlock”


Acrylic on canvas








I am on the move! London! Toronto! Toronto! Montreal! And more! Want to keep up? My schedule is here and being updated as dates firm up. Art always looks better in person.