October 28, 2015

Walking Blasphemy

I’m currently rewatching Supernatural because I watched it so damn fast the first time around. I couldn’t get enough episodes and I was desperate to both catch up and not be caught up all at once. But I’m there, I’ve seen ALL THE THINGS and now am rewatching all the things because I don’t remember the details.

Like Anna.

The angel who would be human. I loved that the character wasn’t a follower, but a leader. A strong female who made a choice and lived with the consequences. I knew I had to paint her.


This one was messy. The chalk I was using got on my hands and all over the canvas. It was a very tactile, textured painting from the get go. The one thing I do, when working on white canvas, is spray the chalk with workable fixative. This insures that the chalk doesn’t mix with the paint, which trust me, it would otherwise. It also means that I can be as loose as I want in the initial drawing.


Anna’s painting had so many colours. So many feels. This is the moment where Castiel calls her a walking blasphemy, as he struggles with his own faith and situation. She is both hurt and hopeful. Desperate as the countdown to the apocalypse moves on relentlessly.

Colour, intense colour, was the only way to go.


I’ve recently added a few more colours to my palette, including purple and neon orange. I finally got a chance to really take them out for a ride in the piece.


Working back and forth, adding colour and layers. Paintings in this style start out so clear, like prepress colour separations, and then by the end I am layering and layering to get the final look.


I ended up throwing paint at the canvas too. I know! So very artsy. But the piece needed some unpredictable colour. Some wildness in it. I can’t wait to share the proper final photos later in November.

sm_20151024_211552-1“Walking Blasphemy”


Acrylic on stretched canvas



Between now and Dec 1, I have 30 paintings in the works. I got requests for Hawkeye, SG1, Chewbacca, Ten, Nine, Gabriel from SPN and Harry Potter. Plus I’m thinking some X-Files, more SPN and more Avengers. 

Know why I’m all about 30 more paintings? I’m going to be in Toronto on December 5th! You can find out more here 

If you want a commission especially for Christmas gifting, I am still taking commissions. I paint a lot and live for painting. Please do feel free to message me and let’s talk. If you want prints, take into account the time it takes for mail to arrive. I strongly suggest any print purchases that require mailing happen by Dec 1.

And for anyone in la belle province, I am going to be in Montreal on July 8-10 2016! More information here:

I’ve got a number of appearances in the works covering territory from London to Montreal, with stops in Toronto, Hamilton and Cornwall. Details to follow as I firm things up with the various conventions.

You can message me to order prints or paintings, or just pop over to my store. More prints are coming this week. I love it when my art finds a forever home!