July 5, 2016

Warp Speed

I never really liked Sulu when I was younger.

Sorry, Sulu.

He was too different. Too restrained except for that one episode, we all know the one! And then he just freaked me out by being crazy and sweaty.

But we can forgive a five-year-old for that kind of thing, because my revisiting of Star Trek when I was a teen led me to love the show from a new perspective.

This is the beauty of revisiting shows at various stages in life. A child only sees the simple. An adult, sees more. A teen? They see the angst.

And of course, the artist sees the planes of the face. The quirk of the cheekbones. The cut of the chin. The depth in the eyes.

Sulu, a character we really didn’t get to know well enough, was pure joy to paint.


I really love pushing colour in the latest batch of paintings. I’m working each Star Trek painting in the same way so that they belong together, but aren’t the same. Kind of like the crew.


Long and loose brush strokes are the key to good cloth folds.

This is a thing. Get cloth wrong and everyone notices.

Now ask me how many hours I spent learning to draw and paint cloth. ASK ME!!!



20160703_145248 20160703_150819

See the jump from normal colours to crazy ass colours? That leap always makes my heart stop.

Not because my work is life and death, but because there’s always a chance I could fuck things up and then the painting would be garbage. At the same time, facing my fears, even painterly ones, is my theme this year.

My lizard brain has insisted that this will kill me. I’m not sure it’s wrong.


But what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger, right?

And so, I’ve steered this post wrong unlike our intrepid helmsman here. He’d have kept this post on course.

See what I did there?


“Warp Speed”

20″ x 16″

Acrylic on stretched canvas.