June 22, 2016

We Should Probably Talk

Picking and choosing moments from any episode of Supernatural can be difficult. Especially when I’m trying to limit the picks to just one per episode. Season 11 especially had so much awesome in it that I find each epidsode I go through yields 5 or so potential paintings.

But when I was watching Don’t Call Me Shurley, one image stood out completely. The moment when Chuck decided to show up. I knew I had to paint that.

And yes, I will be swinging around to paint more, because there were so many moments in that particular one. Gadreel begging Chuck to step up. Dean finding the amulet. The Darkness invading Sam. And so many more.

My painting style is evolving right now and I can only say how thrilled I am. Constantly painting has pushed my work to a whole new level. The old “practice makes perfect” saying applies, though anyone would argue that perfect in terms of art isn’t a thing and I would tend to agree. Practice makes awesome is probably better. Ha!


Black canvas is the joy of my life. It allows for a dramatic start to any painting and this one is no exception.


Lots of colour added quickly. Not staying in the lines. Just being loose and free.


At a certain point, I knew I needed to paint his eyes in. The moment I did, BAM! The painting came together.


Then it was just a matter of finishing up. Lots of neon colours. Lots of teal and orange. My new favourite combo.


“We Should Probably Talk”

20″ x 16″

Acrylic on stretched canvas.