May 3, 2016


This is going to be a year of Supernatural for me. I need a good inventory of original paintings for October. A challenge, yes. Doable? Absolutely. Will I only be painting Supernatural? Hell no!  I have shows coming up that have different themes. And I am still taking commissions.

But I have lots of plans and one of them was to paint that moment from Mystery Spot when Sam wakes up and it’s finally Wednesday. And not the bad Wednesday.

The emotion. His intensity and disbelief. The chance for a do over.

The videos have a lot more detail in them but for those people that like words better (me), here are some words.

I always start with a chalk drawing on the canvas. It’s messy. It’s forgiving. It forces me to be lose in the drawing. And forces me to work harder in the painting.


But chalk is messy and I’ve learned now to make sure I paint in my whites fairly early on. White can be translucent (I’m looking at you ZINC WHITE) so I plan for multiple layers as I go.


And I like to work back and forth between dark tones and highlights. It helps keep the painting in balance so I can stay focused on the end result.


Then it just becomes a matter of adding layers which is just zen. I love bringing real life up to the image in my head. It’s taken years for me to get to the point where what I paint is what I imagined and it is so fucking satisfying.


Colour, colour, colour.




acrylic on stretched canvas