January 4, 2016

What Are The Odds This Ends Well?

Okay, this is the final, final piece of 2015. I thought it was the first of the new year, but no. Funny how holidays really mess up one’s sense of time and date.


From drawing to painting, I followed my layered steps. But, I worked with a very limited palette in the process. I was playing around with how changing and reducing colour can affect the mood of a painting and the sense of depth.


Also, let’s face it, Dean Winchester is pretty easy on the eyes. Standing in front of that face for a couple of hours is no hardship at all.

When I start with black, it’s either because it’s a very dominant colour in the piece or I really want to get the likeness spot on before I continue. In this case, it was both. As I work on a piece, the composition flows in and out of visual balance. I keep the final image, how I want the painting to turn out, in my head while I work, otherwise I lose focus. A painting out of balance is jarring and hard to work with, but getting through that to the end is so worth it.


The above image is out of balance. Not horribly so, but still.


Adding a new colour brings it back to balance. See how the colours work together? And there’s depth and personality in the subject.

sm_20151227_211329-1 sm_20151227_212954-1

And these two stages above were wildly out of balance as well. Jarring to work with but I kept the final image in my head and kept going.


“What Are The Odds This Ends Well?”


Acrylic on canvas

Prints and original for sale.