When did “mom” become an insult?

I am not shy about sharing my age, I’m 45. Not too young. Not too old.

I am also a mom.

I am a person who had an early hand helping to shape the internet. I’ve worked on the earliest sites, like the first HBC e-commerce website ever. I’ve worked on projects that included creating early artificial intelligence. I helped take a client’s company from low sales to incredible sales over the course of a decade of hard work creating cutting edge web applications.

But all that is negated because I am a mom.

A lot of things have changed since I was younger. Even in the past ten years. We speak differently about others. We respect cultures more. Mental health has an actual dialogue.

So why hasn’t this changed? Why do women’s stories get erased and overlooked once they’re married or have children?

I was interneting tonight with my teen who told me, without intending to hurt my feelings, that I internet like a mom. She couldn’t define it but it was clear I had less impact because of this mom-ness.

One of the reasons I am working on Finding Inclusivity is exactly this.

My status as a parent does not negate my value, or contribution as a human being.

Neither does yours. Parent or not. Age irrelevant.

If I use the internet in a certain way, it’s because it’s my way. If I dress in a certain way, again… my way.

And if you choose to call it “mom” I am going to fucking embrace mom-ing so hard it will make your head spin.

If you’re a woman and reading this, embrace who you are. When we own it, instead of shutting ourselves down in shame, we change the dialogue.

I may be a mom, but I am sure as hell not an invisible, silenced woman.

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