February 17, 2017

When I Need A Break From Everything, There’s One Thing I Like To Do

Yesterday was mental health day for me.

I skipped work. Left my computer behind. Put my phone on do not disturb.

And then I hung out with my bestie.

We’ve known each other since grade 6 but our friendship really blossomed in the past decade or so.

I’m very, very active online. My teen tells me I’m worse than most teens. But I have a ton of followers and friends I stay in touch with every day.

Each person is important to me.

But sometimes it’s not enough and hanging out, eating ALL THE THINGS with another human is essential.

One of my friends posted recently that social media interaction is hollow. A facade.

It can be. And it can be consuming. We get little dopamine highs when we get approvals and responses online. And dopamine is addictive.

Yet the things we post or see are incomplete. Presenting a public face to the world.

But I also think there’s so much value in social media if it’s used right. For example, my closest friend group right now are people I went to elementary school with (like my bestie) but we lost touch over the years. Joining Facebook brought us all back together.

Last night I got to hold and help care for an infant.

And no this isn’t going to be a baby crazed story because I’ve been there, done that. The factory is closed.

But I hadn’t held an infant since my youngest, who’s now 10, was one.

That’s a long fucking time.

And I was watching this baby with another Facebook friend. Someone I see semi-frequently in passing but I don’t think we would have connected as much if it weren’t for Facebook.

Last night? It was a baby sharing, diaper changing, gab fest.

And it was awesome.

I guess what I’m saying is there needs to be balance. Online and offline.

And we need human interaction regularly to strengthen the social media bonds.

And sometimes it’s good for the soul to walk away from everything, drop the daily burden, and just be.

Monday is Family Day in Ontario. What I like to call Government Sanctioned Forced Familial Interaction Day. I don’t know if I’ll send an email then or not. I might sleep in.

I’m definitely going to be cuddling something very important to me: a box of wine. And I’ll be hiding in the basement.