October 9, 2017

Where’s the good news?

When you look at the news, at any media, there are stories of pain, horror and death. Tragedy has made its bed with what we consider news.

The shooting in Las Vegas is no different.

Now I stopped reading or following the news a few years back. It was stressing me out. Making me feel powerless and afraid. So I came late onto the info for the current mass shooting.

Among my friends and followers, I sensed and saw an exhaustion at more negativity. A helpless sadness for the pain that the families of the victims are going through.

It’s real and it’s terrible. I am not suggesting burying our heads in the sand but I am suggesting balance.

Balance on our media intake so we see the good stuff along with the bad. So that our hearts, heavy as they are, can be lifted even if it’s for a moment.

For the people who are struggling right now, wondering what the point of living is when bad things happen in this world, there is good.

If you google “good news” there are quite a few sites that have just that. The good stuff.

And if you look around, even at the little things, you can find good. Yesterday, my trees started turning colour for fall. They are absolutely gorgeous.

Yesterday, I was painting when someone asked me to reconsider posting photos online and my Twitter followers asked me to continue to brighten their day.

Yesterday, my close friend and art buddy got some incredible news that will propel her career forward. I am so happy for her.

So, as you sit here feeling heavy and sad, I want you to look around. Online. Offline. It doesn’t matter. But look around for the good. Find the thing to be grateful for.

Balance the bad news with the good. Because it’s there if you look for it.

And if you are having problems finding a good thing, shoot me an email and we will find something to be grateful for together.

Kind words. Small changes.  An ebook to brighten your today and tomorrow. From me to you.

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