Who rules the roost?

I was just overwhelmed by a huge wave of hate so big it froze me in place.

I had to breathe through it and leave the room to collect myself because I knew acting on it would not turn out well. And I knew it was coming from my thoughts.

Isn’t it crazy that all emotions come from what we’re thinking?

If we think we’re not good enough compared to how someone else appears to us, we get jealous or feel bad.

If we hold our new baby and think about all the ways they could die, we feel fear.

If we think about how much a person means to us, how important we are to them too, we feel love.

So when that wave of hate washed over me so strongly, I knew I had to look at what I was thinking. And then I went a step further and thanked my lizard brain for keeping me alive by repulsing me from certain situations and set the whole thing aside.

Because sometimes thoughts are just not worth dwelling on.

But see, I notice that there seems to be a lot of emotional reactions from people everywhere. I was reading an article about DDT and its possible effects on fetal brain development, which was fascinating, and then I read the comments.

So much emotional vitriol there.

Anti this, pro that and we can’t even have a discussion because if you believe A then you’re clearly a C. Whatever a C is.

I know I’ve written about this before but the level of emotional knee jerk reactions online is just so high. So many angry people who think that their comments make any difference at all.

Why are they really angry?

Why dig the lines in the sand and stand proudly on one side?

Why are they so afraid to have a rational discussion?

It’s because they cling to their one view of the world. Everything in its place and a place for everything. And if something doesn’t fit, it’s dismissed as stupid, evil or whatever. Dehumanized.

But the beauty of being alive means that we can actually change everything!

What we see around us, is what we want to see or what we’ve always seen. In my case, I saw walls where there weren’t any. I stayed in a marriage that I should have left years ago because I thought I couldn’t manage on my own. That leaving would be too hard. That living alone would be a daily struggle. And so many more reasons.

I built those up, tolerated behaviors and things no one should because I lived in a world I created where there were no options.

And then I put down my world view, looked around and saw that the things I was clinging to because they were familiar and therefore safe, were all false.

I created a new reality for myself simply by letting go of the one I was clinging to.

Years back, I had other limiting beliefs. Things I clung to because that was the way the world was. My own bubble. But I kept reading differing views. I kept seeing gentle nudges. And instead of dismissing them, I wondered if the problem was my thinking or the things I was reading.

And I let go and suddenly the world got bigger.

So when I see people fighting online in the comment sections, I don’t add my voice because there’s no point. Each and every comment is one designed to hold that person in their limited thinking. They’re designed to dig that line in the sand deeper with every word and name call.

But the world is so much bigger than the tiny view we have. And being open to seeing things in new ways can change your reality so thoroughly, better your life so completely, that you don’t recognize it.

The possibilities for calibrating your reality are infinite but only if you let go of your reactions, your knee jerk emotions, and really rule the roost.