August 26, 2014

Wilfred Mott



I paint and paint and paint. For fun. For relaxation. For money. For joy. I have always been drawn to portraits. I love faces that are interesting in some way. Whether it’s because the person is a beloved character or someone of interest, portraits have consumed me my entire artistic life.





This is Wilfred Mott from Doctor Who. Donna Noble’s grandfather. He is a debatable companion based on later episodes, but always a character with his heart screwed on right. Go! Reach! Be free! He was always pushing Donna onto better and bigger things. Her mother was a whole other story we won’t talk about here.

This painting is unusual in so many ways. The shape (square) and the colour palette (crazy). I was clearly influenced by other artists I’ve seen online. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I won’t ever be a high realism artist, but what about the other way? Portraits done in high colour but still looking like their subject?


I love how Wilfred turned out. He looks like himself! Proper photos will show the colour better. I think it works. I’m happy with the end result. I wonder if I should have pushed it further?


Like what you see? As of this writing, this painting is still for sale! Check him out on my Etsy shop.