Within destruction lies freedom

Today I burned a whack load of art. I was cleaning, getting ready for my move when I came across so many canvases and pieces made four and five years ago and more.

When I picked through them, I relived the moments I was going through as I painted them. You see, my art is a memory marker for me and I can tell you what was going on inside, and in my world, with each painting.

I am not who I was five years ago.

This move is a fresh start for me and for my kids. We get to decide what we’re taking with us because baggage doesn’t just have to be emotional, it can be literal. And the literal stuff is far more easily disposed of.

I want my new art studio to be full of possibilities. Full of ideas and positive vibes. Not full of the pieces I struggled over. The pieces I made out of spite or frustration. The pieces I couldn’t quite pull together.

And yeah, maybe I could have donated the art, but it would be out there in the world being mediocre at best. Do we really need more art like that around? I don’t think so.

But I didn’t burn a few pieces that spoke to me. I didn’t burn my recent stuff. I didn’t completely lose my mind. I just freed up space for more of the good stuff to fill and it feels amazing.