December 15, 2016

Yesterday I Quit

Yesterday I was low. Seriously low.

I decided to stop painting and just find a job.

I actually haven’t had an employer for 17 years but suddenly it seemed like the best option.

Would I make a good employee at this point? Ha! No one is going to find out.

My mastermind group gave me five minutes to whinge.

My coach rolled his eyes the whole time.

And then they put me in my place.

Now I’m back on track.

I got a good healthy dose of perspective and a loving virtual smack upside the head.

Perspective is why we need our tribes and friends.

Sometimes things swirl inside our heads and become drama and too much. This is when it becomes important to have a friend group or, better yet, a focused group of like-minded people to put things in their place.

I love my mastermind group so much for this reason. All are ambitious creatives meeting regularly to share problems, celebrate successes and generally keep each other focused and going.

And of course, half the problem for me was that I hadn’t been painting. Paying the bills has to come somehow so I’d been spending recent days working as a programmer. A great job but it’s not who I am any more.

When I paint, everything aligns. I feel whole and a part of this universe like I’ve never experienced doing anything else.

So I dropped everything yesterday and painted. And painted. And painted.

Now I’m human again.

And that’s a good thing because I have important work to do through my art.

Tomorrow? I start painting for again. Dialogue about mental illness and suicide is important. Helping people in crisis matters. My work helps fund this incredible organization.

Yesterday and this morning I connected with fans on Twitter and Instagram as I posted images from my Sacrifice series.

Reaching out and sharing deep feelings about moments like those bring us all together. Part of the Supernatural Family.

And together we can do great things.