November 30, 2016

You belong here

You are not alone.

Humans are a very social species. Oh sure, there are deviations in that, but one of our most basic human needs is to belong to a group or tribe.

It’s something I’ve struggled with all my life. An artist in a programmer’s world. A programmer in an artist’s world. I don’t quite fit.

A lot of people feel like that. You know the old adage, “I thought it was just me?” Yeah. No.

I recently finished the biggest commission of my career last week. It consisted of four large paintings, 5’x3’ each. And each one had to have two portraits on them.

It was fun! And it was a challenge.

The deadline was really tight but the cause was close to my heart.

You are not alone.

These paintings were for It’s an organization that helps people in crisis and deals with suicide prevention.

IMAlive travels to Supernatural conventions around North America. While there, they assist people in distress. They do it with compassion, empathy and zero judgement.

I had the privilege of seeing them at work in Toronto, when I was working at the Supernatural convention over Canadian Thanksgiving.

I knew I had to do my part.

One of the ways IMAlive is funded is through creating and then selling large paintings of the actors from Supernatural. These paintings are available during the conventions for the fans to write on. They write messages of hope and love.

Then the cast signs them. And finally, once the convention is over, they are auctioned off. Funds raised.

So we have two things that click with me: art and a cause I truly believe in. I knew where I could step in and help.

Friday through Sunday, this weekend, at the San Francisco Supernatural Convention, my art will be on display. I’m hoping that it will bring comfort to the people at the show. I know the message is so damn important.

When I joined the Supernatural family, #spnfamily, I had no idea how different this fandom was. How they move mountains to help each other. How friendships grow.

How a simple phrase, you are not alone, is not just lip service. I found my tribe in the #spnfamily and now I’m part of something larger.

You are not alone should also include: you belong here.

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