You deserve a break today.

The 80s seems to be the decade de jour recently. With Stranger Things leading the way to big hair, shoulder pads and terrible makeup. And it got me to thinking about the run of ads I remember seeing.

Something shifted in the 80s and selling products changed to selling self pampering.

You deserve the best.
You should outshine your friends.
You deserve a break today.

Whatever. It was all about a consumerist version of self care. As a teenager, I remember scoffing at the idea of that.

But self care is so important. I would argue that it’s necessary for good mental health.

I know, for me, when things get tough I immediately lay in on myself. At the moments I need kindness, I ride myself like a pony and get things done, consequences be damned.

I know I’m not the only one like this.

Today, I’m packing up my van and heading to Toronto for the Supernatural Convention. I’m not as ready as I wanted to be.

I painted late into the night. As you’re reading this, I am consuming actual caffeine to keep going. As a rule I avoid caffeine but I’ll take whatever I can get from it.

Coming back from Europe landed me with unexpected jet lag and a cold that made me loopy for a few days. I didn’t get the things done I wanted to. I’m definitely more of a wreck than normal before a con.

But you know what I did?

I made the time to get my hair done. I made sure my Supernatural shirts were all washed. I made sure I had plenty of water at hand. I ate meals. I took breaks.

And I forgave myself for stepping off the crazy train and for moving at a slower pace.

A pace that gave me the time to be kind to myself. To take the moment to love myself the way I love my kids.

And though I’m well into pre-con panic ™ I’m actually feeling pretty good about myself. What an interesting place to be.

If you’re on the crazy train, maybe it’s time to do something for yourself. It can be big or small, but if the little things I did for myself this week made such a difference to me, I bet the same would happen for you.

And you deserve a break today. <3

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