December 27, 2016

You might be an artist if…

I’ve filled the hard drive on my laptop up. And it didn’t take long.

Once upon a time, my drives would only contain files for programming. Projects on the go and so on. And they still do, because, let’s face it I still support my art with programming.

But this very full hard drive? It’s full of art.

Print-ready photos.

Phone camera photos of works in progress.

And my very favourite…movies.

I’m not talking about Hollywood movies either. I’m talking GoPro videos of me painting.

Files from Camtasia (my editing software of choice) and all the tiny little 5 second videos I’ve made and am making.

Reference photos for upcoming paintings.

My computer is bursting with art.

It’s an amazing feeling, seeing how painting professionally has taken over my life and filled my soul and hard drive.

I love watching movies and shows more than ever. Looking for those moments that scream PAINT ME!

Finding the tiny details, the flick of an eye or turn of a mouth that just denotes deeper emotion outside of the script.

Supernatural is really awesome for that, but it’s not the only show that has depth.

Suicide Squad, panned by critics and loved by audiences, had surprising moments in it too. And let’s just talk about the colours, because half the cinematography was so bright and neon and just unexpected.

I’m getting ready to see Rogue One next week.

Haven’t seen it yet. Died while watching all the trailers.

Ok, let’s face it, I’m a massive Star Wars fan.

But I am not a fan of being crowded, so for big releases I wait.

I’ve stumbled across a spoiler or two online. Not on purpose. It’s a risk I take when I wait. But I’m excited to see how this Episode IV prequel fits in.

How many Bothans did die securing the plans? LOL

And of course, how many paintings will come out of this movie?

This week is my week to get things done, so before I see Star Wars, I’m finishing my IMAlive paintings. I’m getting myself a new easel (hooray!) and I’m going to stand in line and get my passport.

Because, aside from a fuck ton more art, I’m betting 2017 is going to bring travel and big changes. So worth making room on my hard drive for.
Did you know?
You might be an artist if …
• You’ve ever cleaned your fingernails with a palette knife.
• You’ve ever considered framing your palette instead of the painting.
• You notice the burnt umber in the background of the Playboy centrefold.
• Your children are forced to share a room so you can have an art studio.
• You routinely drink the rinse water instead of the coffee.
• You know the difference between beige, ecru, cream, off-white, and eggshell.
• You do judge a book by its cover.