April 15, 2016

You Need A Better Wall

If I had to pick a Doctor as a favourite, I would never have said Matt Smith. Not in a million years. Even though he’s in my top 5. But actions are louder than words, right?

And my actions, through paint, show an entirely different thing. The one Doctor I paint the most is…Matt Smith!

How the fuck did that happen?

He was a Doctor that took me quite a few episodes to even like. The Lodger was the one where I completely lost my heart. He was weird looking and too crazy and his energy levels were off the charts. But damn, if he wasn’t actually, truly, both passionate and dangerous. Smart and nuts. A perfect embodiment of who the Doctor truly is.

And so I painted him again.






“You Need A Better Wall”

24″ x 12″

Acrylic on canvas

All the feels. Many of the words.
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