YOU! Yes you! You’re awesome.

I didn’t send my daily email this morning. I wasn’t feeling it.

And it occurred to me that so many of you aren’t feeling it, whatever it is. Am I right?

This time of year, regardless of whether you celebrate Xmas or not, tends to be a hard one. It’s dark early. It’s cold. Everyone is catching and sharing cooties.

And if you have something like Xmas thrown in, there’s a lot of pressure too.

So I wanted to pop in, late and unexpected, and just tell you that you are awesome. Wherever you are. However you are.

And just so you know, I’m going to be cracking open a box of wine and toasting each and every one of you.

Just don’t call me in the morning because that hangover is going to be wicked bad, there are so many of you awesome people.

Now go and have a fantastic weekend. <3

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