Your portrait, fine art style

In this age of endless selfies and filtered images, there are no shortage of portraits going around.

Anyone can take any number of pictures, tweak with whatever filters and have them printed out from any print on demand site.

Want Grandma’s face on a blanket? No problem!

Maybe Fido should be on various mugs or t-shirts. Easily done.

I am both in love with, and appalled by, the options we have for photos. If I may act 80 years old for a moment: when I was young, pictures were expensive. Negatives had to be processed and prints made. Or, lucky people had Polaroids. Instant photo.

I love that we have so many more options. I love where things are going, for the most part.

But you know what’s missing?


When I scroll through Instagram, most accounts look the same. The same self portraits. The same poses. The same filters.

We all want to leave a legacy behind when we’re gone. A mark that proved we walked on this world, and even better, made a difference.

I can help you with one of those things. Guess which one?

Having a portrait painted is something special. It has far more soul and spirit than a photograph. It still captures the moment you want but with something more. A “je ne sais quoi”.

While I normally paint portraits from pop culture, I’ve had the pleasure of doing so for real people. People who want to have something special of themselves. Something no one else has.

There’s a connection that comes from holding a person in my space while I paint them. Plus, I paint LIVE and tag the recipient as I go. It’s like a party but with paint.

Ever wanted to know how you’d look in paint?

Kind words. Small changes.  An ebook to brighten your today and tomorrow. From me to you.

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