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I crave stories the way most people crave air. They are the stuff of life. I grew up the odd ball in my family, consuming sci fi and fantasy stories and movies like they were going out of style. My first paintings were from Star Trek. My first portraits, when I was learning, were all characters.

I’ve since moved away from painting pop culture art, colloquially known as “fan art”, not because I’ve stopped enjoying stories but because celebrity drama has overshadowed my intentions. I can’t paint a character if the person behind the performance is a bag of dicks.

My latest work is a series of surreal, fantasy self portaits painted on 36″x48″ stretched canvas. All of them start out with me posed in my throne chair, a custom painted chair I had commissioned a few years ago, and from there things get surreal. Flying cats, Grogu and more make appearances and I make sure to never take myself too seriously. 

At the same time, I’m exploring the narrative around aging, damaging self talk about body image, and the detritus that one accumulates in life. The series is entitled, 48, and you can follow along on Instagram.

For the past 2 summers, I have painted portraits for the London Arts Council, live in various parks. It’s been a fun challenge bringing people to live in around 10 minutes of painting. Even more challenging because I am extremely near sighted which means I never see my subjects clearly.


48 (currently in progress)


Live portraits


Mini paintings


Pop Culture portraits


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