Last night I went to the year end art show at the art high school two of my kids attend. It was bitter sweet.

One kid is done. This is her last show at this school and I have so many memories of watching her incredible growth from student into creative professional.

Am I proud? Hell yes!

But I’m also in awe. Not just of my kid but of the vision of the students in the art program as a whole. There were interactive pieces, political pieces, gender identity pieces, ridiculous pieces and too many more to name. All so different.

But there was one thing in common: the magic that comes from creating and exploring and being curious.

AH! That’s the thing people lose as they grow up. Yes, the magic but the magic goes when the curiosity goes. It gets replaced with resignation, cynicism and more. Sadness.

It’s like we start out life golden and fresh and excited. Everything is new! And then we lose it all.

I think we owe it to our lives, our very reasons for being here, to hold on tight to our curiosity. Make art with materials that no art should be made with. Sing a song that no one will ever enjoy. Build something stupid and maybe dangerous and oh so very temporary just to enjoy the act of building.

And if you need inspiration, go to a high school art show and see what the still-curious kids are up to. It’ll blow your mind.